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Dark Side of Life

Artist: Roman Kolodko (MediaCube)
Artist's Description
I hope someone will like it

Genre(s): Happy,Sad,Romantic,Optimistic,Pessimistic,Angry,Peaceful,Humorous,Complicated,Tense,Alternative and Punk,Brit Pop,Emo,General Alternative,General Punk,Hardcore Punk,Pop-Punk,Classic Rock,Funk Rock,General Rock,Goth Rock,Hard Rock,Instrumental Rock,Progressive Rock,Psychedelic Rock,Rock & Roll,Ska Revival/3rd Wave,Soft Rock,Film Soundtrack,Game,General Soundtrack,Musicals/Broadway
Mood(s): Aggressive,Anxious,Bitter,Confused,Cool,Complex,Dark,Disturbing,Dramatic,Epic,Evil,Hard,Heavy,Thoughtful
Style(s): Confusion,Dramatic Soundtrack,Heartbreak,Mystery,Psychedelic
Language(s): English,Russian
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From year to year we need to fight against the lies;
We struggle desperately.... until the day it dies.
The system tells us that we can't go on with that....
But we still fight, and in the end we face regret....

Tomorrow's morning brings a lot of new breakdowns,
Depressive pessimists turn into scary clowns...
Disgraceful ruthlessness... is what we get inborn....
The only reason why we always die alone....

Cold curiosity will guide us through the life -
The endless highway on the edge of butcher's knife.
Unfaithful paradigm of human's inner thoughts
Shall be the winner after playing with the odds.

And every day we carry out another task,
So here we go, from change to change, from dawn till dusk...
Obscure point of uncertainty and mystery,
A destination where your life's becoming history....


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