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Dear Beloved Demon

Artist: Justine Perry (Justine Perry)
Artist's Description
Sections of this lyric are based on poetic forms. Verse one and bridge one are together structured like a terza rima poem, as is verse two and bridge two. The chorus is loosely based on the sapphic ode structure.

Genre(s): Sad
Mood(s): Introspective,Thoughtful
Style(s): Friendship,Story
Language(s): English
Verse One
He walked me home from school
With dirt beneath his claws
He wanted to be cruel

We shared our deepest thoughts
He nurtured all my fears
And helped me to withdraw

Bridge One
He stayed throughout the years
He's here and he's not leaving
He dries up all my tears
My dear beloved demon

I've cut my leash but will not run
'Cause he protected me from love
He taught me, told me not to trust
He's beautifully corrupt

Verse Two
He laughs when my friends cry
Because they've been betrayed
He tells me love's a lie

He keeps me in the shade
I'm grateful but it's cold
Behind his barricade

Bridge Two
Together we'll grow old
I'm here and I'm not leaving
Please everyone behold
My dear beloved demon

Repeat Chorus

He watches over me at night
I'll be all right
Won't I?

Don't tell me he's from hell
He guards me like an angel
And I will never fall
He's vigilant not brutal

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three
He walked me home from school
With dirt beneath his claws
He wanted to be cruel

But he's the vaccination
Jabbed into my vein
I'm overcome with pain
But in the end he keeps me safe

Repeat Chorus

He's beautifully corrupt
He's beautifully corrupt


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