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Dil se

Artist: Noman Suleman (Black and white band)
Artist's Description
Well i have been writing songs from a year now but i have no investment to put my band up with my songs so i decided to sell my songs you can ask me if you like to they are mostly for the english , indian , and pakistani pop songs related i can write songs on any occasion or any given story or situation so feel free to contact me i have pretty great collection of my songs in hindi too as well as english if you are interested please contact me as soon as possible because i want to earn well for making my band's name bright in the future i am looking forward for the people who are interested.

Genre(s): Sad,Romantic,Simple,Electronica/Dance,Club Dance,Classic Rock,Rock & Roll,Soft Rock
Mood(s): Angry,Bitter,Calm,Confident,Confused,Cool,Dancing,Dreamy,Easy,Energetic,Epic,Evil,Fun,Futuristic,Groovy,Happy,Hate,Horror,Icy,Lively,Magical,Patriotic,Positive,Proud,Relaxed
Style(s): Action Adventure,Beach Party,Bollywood,Broadway Musicals,Car Chase,Celebration,Comedy,Danger,Desire,Dramatic Soundtrack,Elevator Music/Public Access TV,Fairy Tales,Fashion,Friendship,Future,Game Show,Heartbreak,Horror/Thriller,Inspirational
Language(s): English,Farsi,Indian Languages
Single-Use License: $33.00
(2x)oOOooOOoOo OooOOoO OooOOOooOo OooO O O O O O
Dil ne dil se ye kaha , Mere dil ne ye suna hai ,
tunay mujhko na pehchana , ashiq hun sadiyo purana ,
rehta tha tanha dewana , kehta tha hai ye afsana ,
seeshay mein tujhe dekhta hun , kirno mei tjhe dhundhta hun
(2x)oOOooOOoOo OooOOoO OooOOOooOo OooO O O O O O
GHUTTI HAI HAR EK SAANS , Ati hai mjhe teri yaad ,
chaha tha meine kyun tujhko ,
khoya tha meine kyun khud ko,
hooo O O O hooo O O O hooo O O O hooo O O O O O
tunay na samja is dil ko , dekhta tha joker mai tujhko ,
hasata tujhe rehta tha , dil ki baat na kehta tha ,
yehi meri ab saza hai , mujhko ab yuhin jeena hai
ghum ke ansu hi peena hai , zakhmo ko ab khud bharna hai
(2x)oOOooOOoOo OooOOoO OooOOOooOo OooO O O O O O
yaad teri na jaye dil se , har pal yuhn aye seenay mei
zindagi ko kya kosna , galti kya is zindagi ki
hum hi thay aqal se paidal, girtay hue bhi na ye socha ,
chout bhi humko hi lagegi , tujhse nata tha aysa
per hum tujhko yaad karengay ,zindagi barbaad karengay
dil dukhega per koi na tujhse hum faryad karengay


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