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Turn on the lights

Artist: Emma
Artist's Description
I ended up in a mental hospital for a few days.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap, Gangsta, Classic Rock, Hard Rock
Mood(s): Angry, Anxious, Dark, Hard, Optimistic
Style(s): Ballad, Confusion, Danger, Heartbreak
Language(s): English

Turn on the lights

By Emma
Where am I
I remember sirens and straps
cutting the night
Infinity mirrors and color mosaics
twisting behind my eyes
What did the dream say
All so real
Help me out proxy
What was in the pill.

My blood’s running weak
My feet still pretend on an elliptical of water and decaffeine
Pump it all up
I don’t care heart or mind
I forget the errand
Praying some of me will survive.

Paranoia -
Two points draw a line
A line I don’t cross
Forget insistence
I’m not much into coloring
Just fluent in the geometry of existence.

Cedar and honey...well
Not autumn’s flavors on a roll
Same madness everywhere
I never understood these walls
Do they defend me
Or deny me the world.

I hear devil talking
I want to laugh
I want to cry
Oh get off the ladder (to my mind)
Quite a piece
I don’t run after my thoughts
Silence’s my only hope
Silence on a spree (or: Wouldn’t you agree)
Right now
Right here
It only takes a pen to feel free.

If only I had a glass of wine
Of fresh air the 2nd best
Perhaps demons would be dancing
Turn on the light now
This is the end.


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