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By J.T. Patten, Writer; LONE WOOLF LYRICS
Grinding down a winding road, ghost smoke in a heavy fog,
Engine growls, sits a tortured soul, he cranks that iron hog.
Both wheels claw at the asphalt's grip, rushing wind blows back his hair,
Lives his time like Satan’s son, so godless he don’t care.

Crash like thunder, twist of fate, his life skids to an end,
Death's sudden grip, it snatches him, like that twisted highway bend.
Unaware, he keeps on ridin', strange shadows all around,
With the devil's horde, they ride as one, in the ethereal underground.

Dark riders, dark riders. Roaring across the sky.
Oh, dark riders. Can’t you hear those fateful cries?
Wake up dark rider. The truth will set you free.
Dark riders, dark riders. Forever saddled to the devil’s steed.
For doing the dirty deeds. Yeah.

He looks around, his surroundings strange, phantoms jerkin’ in a wicked dance,
His soul should know the truth by now, but denials fixed its stance.
Burning eyes of crimson fire, screams echo through the night,
New patched member of their cursed crew, doesn't know he needs to fight.


They rip through the darkness leathery shroud, a legion smokin’ in a sulfur rain,
Each damned soul aboard this midnight ride, forever reelin’ in wicked pain.
He swerves his beast to break away from them, his picture now quite clear,
They lasso at him with the ropes of death, laughin’ at his wide-eyed fear.


On a forsaken road bridging life and death, he now forever roams,
An outlaw branded by the devil's iron, and never coming home.
You can look to the sky when the lightning strikes, thunder’s his bell toll.
When you live your days better watch you six, or riders’ll snatch your soul.


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