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Artist: J.T. Patten, Writer; LONE WOOLF LYRICS
Artist's Description
Dark Outlaw Country. Baritone and dark rock style of Randy Houser, Johnny Cash, Colt Ford, Dominic Marsh, Cory Marks, Lakeview, Chris Stapleton, Jackson Dean, Hayden Coffman.

Genre(s): Country, Alternative Country, Contemporary Country, Southern Rock
Mood(s): Angry, Dark, Evil, Hard, Revenge
Style(s): Action Adventure, Crime, Danger, Death
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$200.00


By J.T. Patten, Writer; LONE WOOLF LYRICS
I was preaching in a church, didn’t get that frantic call.
Behind a pulpit, my convictions, so righteous standing tall.
Done with the junk, time served for the past.
Parole board and even me, crossing fingers it could last.

I swear to you.

That life of runnin’ and gunnin’ was in my rearview mirror,
Road to redemption looking nearer.
But my ex-old lady’d phoned me up needing urgent help,
God forgive me I wasn’t there, see man, I was busy saving myself.
She’s now dead, forever gone.
Bad men I once rode with, they did her ohhh so wrong. Yeah.

Temptation’s kicking at my knees.
Sure as Hell, I’ll never turn the other cheek.
Oh God above, help me please.

Aw fxxx it.

Cuz I’m an outlaw.
Come Hell or high water,
Never want to see that self again.
In a bone yard dead and buried,
But lifted by the grace of heaven’s hand.
Left the life of a sinner…Hell, I was the devil, man.
I sought forgiveness.
Now I am judgement.
Watch out.
I’m a goddamned preacher man.

Did a dose of Thirteen, I one-kicked my iron horse.
Where they’d be hiding, well shit. That I knew of course.
Through leather cuts, palms and pits profuse with sweat,
Old club colors and dew rag wet.
Pony tail flying in the wind,
This one percenter high-throttling back to a life of sin.


My resolve was firm,
Hands on ape hangers couldn’t be higher.
I had come so far for His truth,
But drivin’ back to Hell beyond my tires.

I didn’t have to ride my Fat Boy too far,
Found them drunk laughing in a shit town bar.
Did what I was aiming to do,
Pulled both pistols, dropped one then two.

Why’d I do it?


I stepped up where wounded they both lay,
Didn’t know exactly what to say.
They begged and began to pray.
Sorry boys. I’m not that man today.

You see what you took from me,
Was my ex-old lady and Calvary tree.
I’d dropped my hog and guns for the good book,
Hung my helmet on a hook.
And I’m afraid you have to pay.
Aces and eights now where you lay.
A back door gunner doing his sweep.
You knew I’d play for keeps.


I see I’d sealed my fate,
Bought fire and brimstone sold the pearly gates.
Hell and high water rose to me,
Back to the OMG, no longer free.
Cuz I’m an outlaw and a devil,
A dirty rotten fella.

Just killed and buried me a preacher man.


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