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Artist: J.T. Patten, Writer; LONE WOOLF LYRICS
Artist's Description
Lone Woolf Lyrics anthem. Dark Country Southern Gothic hard rocking grit in a rap style.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Alternative Country, Contemporary Country, Southern Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive, Dark, Evil, Hard
Style(s): Action Adventure, Crime, Danger, Horror/Thriller
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$200.00


By J.T. Patten, Writer; LONE WOOLF LYRICS
In my dark mind, evil men and monsters creep,
A music outlaw rides, nothing hiding no secrets to keep.
A writer with a demon's pen. Thoughts searing my head.
Spewing the spat of flak and hot damn lead.
Stacking bodies from page one with my words.
A crow like HARDY. No respect for lyrical mockingbirds.
Got no taste for bubble gum country,
Spit it out, stick it under my chair.
Dark country is a place for hard men, poetic combatants
A song soldier cursed with a thousand-yard stare.
Bro club on Broadway, song girlfriend on their arm. You're no threat.
She hears southern rap, licks her lips, feels hot. I make her sweat.

Welcome to the black

Burns your throat and your mind like a shot of
Jose, Jim, Johnny, or Jack.
This lone wolf coming through the fast track,
Stepping away from the pack.
Dead of the night still writing, a defiant stand
Doling justice or vengeance, fate in my hand.
Summer and sunshine all get shred,
Create a trail of shady, lingering sense of dread.

Welcome to the black.

This is a place where outlaws roam.
In a house of sorrows, I built my home.
Crack of the morning light, still no writer's block.
Twists and turns, try to leave you shocked.
Can't take the credit.
You've heard it or read it.
Johnny Cash and A Boy Named Sue.
A lot of people wanted something new—like you.
Garth Brooks shook the clouds till the Thunder Rolled.
Thomas Rhett's Death Row, "trembling hands," genius, solid gold.
Willie's Red Headed Stranger,
All these artists not talking teeny beach parties.
We're talking real danger.

Welcome to the black

Like a last meal, radio may hail my executioner’s call.
Face a death sentence for giving it all.
Of pain endured, bad guys, killers, revenge gone wrong.
Whispering stories of deeds in a backwood folk song.
A devil in the night ripping words and conventions apart from the songbird packs.
In the dark country where life meets despair,
This lone wolf leaves a legacy of twisted tales, fear, and nightmares.
Hey top ten country music, I ain’t just talking smack.

Welcome to the Black.


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