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He Made a Way

Artist: Lauren Ellison
Artist's Description
This song talks about the journey of faith that is not always linear. Not everyone’s path is straight and narrow, but in my experience , God meets us where we’re at every time.

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, Christian Pop, General Christian
Mood(s): Complex, Thoughtful
Style(s): Gospel, Inspirational, Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$100.00

He Made a Way

By Lauren Ellison
I’m no stranger to anger ,
I’ve stayed here too long
Working to understand
Just how much I’ve felt wronged

I’ve stayed to ask questions ,
I’ve stayed to debate
I’ve stayed to resent you
And I’ve stayed here to wait


It’s been a long 4 years
Of going to bed empty
No matter what I used to fill me up
I’d run dry
And just when I felt like giving up
I’d fight harder
To never surrender
To an unpredictable life
I didn’t want to trust again
It felt easier to stay fenced in
To protect myself
From more hurt and sleepless nights
But I’d catch myself
Hoping to believe
In that perfect love that was taught to me
And that maybe someday
We’d make it right

In the morning I’d hear you knocking
But I had already locked the door
Sometimes I thought to answer
But I couldn’t get off the floor

Then when I’d go to stand ,
My knees would buckle
And my chest got tight
From the hurt and fear
Of what would happen
If I let you back into my life

Chorus 2

One sudden and unexpected morning
I woke up and saw your face
I felt your love
And compassion
And the depths of perfect grace
I didn’t have time to question
To pause , to stop, to think
Because the God
My heart silently waited for
Was showing up for me
I knew in this moment
All I needed was to let go
I stood up and walked towards you
Like I had always known
My way back home

I know my wounds still need healing
And that my fears will try to stay
But my God , He must be stronger
Because my God , he made a way.


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