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Breaking Free

Artist: Chanel Antoinette
Artist's Description
I write songs about love. They are romantic and deep. And I hope they resonate with your soul.

Genre(s): Pop, R-n-B, General R-n-B, Motown
Mood(s): Melancholic, Romantic
Style(s): Ballad, Nostalgic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

Breaking Free

By Chanel Antoinette
Don't break my heart
I'll never look back
Just trust in my love
Cuz I'll have your back
I don't regret the past
But I wish things would change
So now I let go
Of all of those days
Took me a while to see
how i feel for you
Baby I know I hurt you
Well you hurt me too
Now it's all dead and gone
And we didn't last
So let's move on
And forget our past

Chorus: I won’t forget you but I won’t let you know. Cuz what I don’t say aloud, won’t ever show. You may come around, but its been way too long. How can I be with you? I gotta stay strong. Still I apologize, but I can’t play along. Till I find peace of mind, I’m finally breaking free.

Wish that you felt the same
As I feel for you
But that just ain't real
So I feel misused
I prayed to God that
we could work things out
But I'm so afraid of all of this doubt
I thought I'd leave you never
but I guess thats life
Tell me why should I care for you
When you won't even fight
Won't even fight


Nothing in my life
Ever seemed to go right
So let me release
All those painful flights
Time to fly free
And carry on
Cuz baby what you did to me
It was so wrong
Can I just breathe
Cuz you won that fight
Baby don't be so mean
Must you always, always be right
You're just jealous of me
Cuz I'm still standing strong
You lost yourself
But that's not my fault
I'm just being me and that I can't help
Just leave me alone



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