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Good Ole Days

Artist: Fierce Foxy Fire
Artist's Description
This poetic lyric is about a women who is exhausted from parenting, as a result she lets her mind wander to the days when she was free livin it up as a teen!

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Bachelor Pad, Mood Music
Mood(s): Childlike, Cool, Complex, Dreamy, Easy
Style(s): Friendship, Party, Summer
Language(s): English
Standard License:$20.00
Extended License:$50.00

Good Ole Days

By Fierce Foxy Fire
Good Ole Days

Verse 1

I miss the days we rode on top of a firebird, while speeding in the cemetary
How we danced around the fire, while drunk and high at the town park party
How we drank hot chocolate, while chillin at the beach after pulling an all nighter
Hell! Those were some good times, awesome memories to last a life time…


Now, we make sure the kids are in bed at nine
And that they hand in their homework on time
Sometimes it gets so exhausting, I can’t help but let my mind…
Wander away…. To the good old daze

Verse 2

Of when we used to hotwire cars, then go for a joy ride
Take off to your cottage, go skinny dipping in the lake
Dance on top of the tables, while singing karaoke
Go Bar hopping, till the wee hours of the morning


Now, we have bills to pay, mouths to feed
And it ain’t about us, much anymore….
Sometimes it gets so hard, making sure there ok
I can’t help but let my mind wander, to the good old daze


But, even though those days are long and gone
We have created new memories to last a life time
The time our son was on CP24 for winning best dancer
And how he ran for terry fox to raise money for cancer
Now, I can sit here and wish that I could live the good old daze again
Or, I can enjoy all the new memories we have created since then


The time tyler gave me a mother’s day card made of macaroni
How we made each other laugh when our car broke down
I just realized that I am still the luckiest women in the world
Cause, I get to be a part of the good ole days we have now!


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