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In Here, Somewhere

Artist: The Unique American Lyricist
Artist's Description
I hear it as a man singing it. It's about he can't find love, but it's gotta be inside him, somewhere.

Genre(s): Country, General Country, Traditional Country
Mood(s): Bitter, Dark, Sad
Style(s): Mystery
Language(s): English
Standard License:$200.00
Extended License:$200.00

In Here, Somewhere

By The Unique American Lyricist
VS. 1
You say you love me,
That can't be true,
Because, I only
Just met you
You say you need me,
What does that even mean,
I gotta say, honestly
I ain't got no love in me (let me check)
It's in here, somewhere,
In here, somewhere
It's in here, somewhere,
But I just can't find it,
It's in here, somewhere,
It's gotta be in here, somewhere
I think it's in here, somewhere
Tell me, can you find it
VS. 2
You want me to love you,
You want me to say it, too
But that's something, I can't do,
Cuz I ain't got no love, for you
I ain't got a heart of gold,
Or a beautiful soul
Only a black black heart,
That someone ripped apart


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