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Artist: The Unique American Lyricist
Artist's Description
I hear it as a slow pop song. I can write a whole album (12 songs in all) for just $6,000USD. Just tell me, what you want.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Love Songs, Pop Vocals, Teen Pop
Mood(s): Dreamy, Simple, Slow, Soft, Sweet
Style(s): Ballad, Desire
Language(s): English
Crushin'Standard License:$2,000.00
Extended License:$2,000.00


By The Unique American Lyricist
I'm crushin' on you,
You crushin' on me,
I'm blushin', cuz of you
And you don't even know it, baby
Blood is rushin', to my heart,
I feel you, all in my veins,
Because I'm crushin' on you
And you crushin' on me
VS. 1
I can see the look, in your eyes,
You want me, to be all yours,
But baby, you have no clue,
That I'm really crushin' on you
Can't you see, the look in my eyes
Can't you tell, I want a little more
You're here, crushin' on me,
While I'm crushin' on you, crushin' on me
VS. 2
What will happen, nobody knows,
We can just see, how love grows
Or we can just have fun, and take it, a day at a time,
Just let me know, what you want, is fine
We can stay out, until the sunrise,
Cuz baby, I'm a big surprise
But I'll tell you now, that I tell no lies,
That I'm crushin' on you, can't you see it in my eyes
BRIDGE (repeat 2x's)
I'm crushin' on you, and you crushin' on me,
I see you crushin' on me, and me crushin' on you
CHORUS (repeat)


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