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Got your back

Artist: Andjela V
Artist's Description
You are capable of fixing your own crown.
You are strong enough.

Genre(s): R-n-B, Mood Music, General Pop, General R-n-B, Soul
Mood(s): Calm, Easy, Light, Relaxed, Soft
Style(s): Ballad, Inspirational, Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100.00
Extended License:$180.00

Got your back

By Andjela V
Hello there
My sweet darling
Wanna say
You mean everything
I can't tell how many times
Something broke inside me
But I do know one thing
I'll keep fighting for me
I got your back
Even if there is no one around
I got your back
I promise
Be right here to fix your crown
When I look in the mirror
I don't see my reflection at all
All I see is a future you
And the woman I'm proud of
'Cuz you survived
This soul is one of a lioness
I'm pretty sure it's a fresh start
Right now
For yourself, for myself
I got your back
I got your back
I promise
No matter how dark the night is
There will be light, the sun rising
You need to believe
Much more in yourself than
Anything and anybody else
You are strong enough
You are a soul survivor, just
Don't give up by any chance
Now raise your head
Can you see how beautiful your heart is
Don't ever worry again
Everything is perfect the way it is
You got this
It’s supposed to be this way
Keep fighting
For yourself, for myself


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