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Artist: Rebellious
Artist's Description
This song was base on a bad breakup.The songwriter still hold on to hope, as his pass lover ignore his attempt.

Genre(s): Blues, Hip-hop/Rap, Blues Rock, Urban Crossover
Mood(s): Angry
Style(s): Autumn, Dramatic Soundtrack, Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100.00
Extended License:$200.00


By Rebellious
It was the things that you did
That ended your career
You was that chick
Got everything that you ever wish
Plead the fifth on fifth, you serious
I should expose, love don't live here no no
And the moral of it all
When ya cross that crossroad, you know it's over for you
Ah you ain't know, now you know
I can't go on without you
I guess I got to, you was my rock you was soul
My better half you made me whole
But when it's gone yeah it's gone
You left me walking in the storm
Im constantly getting rained on and when I brainstorm
I feel a tear come on

Got me singing bout these, sweet misery
I show no sympathy
But the history... Got me feeling weak. I weap

Oh a abay... Say baby
While you put me down
We we're down for a while
Gal... Ah...
Yeah yeah

And the glory of it all
You had my heart on your arm
But I guess it wore off
When it's gone yeah it's gone
You useta sing to me
Remember when you first met me
You act like you ain't need a friend
Funny how you been acting since
You act like you ain't got the time
Like this not even real life
This is not no paradise, this is life without somebody like you by my side
And if you ready right here right now I'm ready to give it my all

Got me singing misery
Thinking bout the history
I will not show no sympathy
Got me feeling weak. I weap

Oh a abay... Say baby
While you put me down
We we're down for a while
Gal... Ah...
Yeah yeah

Tell me can we link up
If only once we ain't Never gotta click up
If you would meet by the crossroad remember where you dropped off
I been working graveyard, trapping all day long
Trapping by the marathon, jumping out the gym
Had to live to forget, they almost sign me in
You drove the boy crazy, how you made me catch feelings
Thought you would have my kids. Guess I didn't get my wish
How deep did we get, cuz it got me feeling sick
Love sick, puppy love, got a dose of it
Tryna flow with the motion now I'm feeling motion sick
Got me feeling mo than sick. Got me sick of being sick
My lil bipolar chick, gotta toss away the problem
I don't want to but I gotta, you useta be my bottom
We should've been at the top wish you would've came with me
But now we in missery


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