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"How Does it Sound Now, Love?"

Artist: 15 miles west
Artist's Description
How does it sound now, love?

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap
Mood(s): Energetic, Flowing
Style(s): Desire, Friendship, Inspirational/Christian
Language(s): English

"How Does it Sound Now, Love?"

By 15 miles west
Since two days passed and verse was written
I’m still thinkin how you refused to spit it
I love the mic
I don’t abuse my privilege
Something sounds new and gibberish
But the flu won’t stop me over this toilet
Battling annoyance and what are you scared of?
I’m down to protect, I’m already obsessed
I still know the verse forever
Stuck in this weather how I remember
Isn’t how I was brought up
Smoke the cig and take a puff
Until I cough up

What stopped you, now
Two motors and oil that you needed for a path away
What stopped you, now
A solider needing a place to stay

How does the verse sound written upside down?
How’s it sound though
Does it create a pinch or make you stare
And is it all about your underwear
Or how you’re without all these other players
What makes you tick
Is it good enough to sit down at the break of dawn
And recall all your problems, love
Or do you ask me anything- that can recall all the

How does it sound now, love


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