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My love, Your house

Artist: ibende
Artist's Description
This song is about the confusion of a "hoped for" love. We discover that love is complex and dimensional.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Country Blues, Contemporary Folk, Bass Assault, Alternative Metal, Acoustic Pop, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Anxious, Confident, Confused, Repetitive
Style(s): Desire, Future, Sex
Language(s): English

My love, Your house

By ibende
I sought shelter
Your love
You promised to give it to me
But you just left me on the balcony of your heart
In the heavy rains I get wet
In storms I'm like a dead leaf
Let me into the living room of your life
Let me into the kitchen of your heart to find food
I'll stop there, even if you don't want me to enter the room of your being

Give me your heart and soul
Agree to open the doors of each room of your heart to me
Open up, let me in
I walk the halls of the house
All the rooms are closed
Where are you


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