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They All Die Alone

Artist: Bernard Morris
Artist's Description
The suffering of the people doesn’t mean a thing to the uncaring politicians.

Genre(s): Folk, Indie, General Electronic, General Pop
Mood(s): Angry, Disturbing, Hate, Mournful, Sad
Style(s): Death, Heartbreak, Illness, Political
Language(s): English
They All Die AloneStandard License:$49.99
Extended License:$99.99

They All Die Alone

By Bernard Morris
In a care home
An elderly lady dies alone
With no loved ones
To hold her or say goodbye
And she dies with tears in her eyes
In a care home
An old man cries for
His son and daughter
And grandchildren
But none of them can see him
And he dies alone with tears in his eyes
And in the garden of Number 10
A party is in full swing
And the suffering of the people
It doesn’t mean a thing
To the uncaring MPs
And their immoral sleaze
Who are laughing it up
And the booze they all sup
As our loved ones they all die alone
The uncaring shameful MPs
They make the laws
And they break the laws
As we drop our jaws
In utter disbelief
At the grief
They have caused
With their breaking of the laws
And they drink and they laugh
As our loved ones they all die alone
They all die alone


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