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Artist: Michael Lopez
Artist's Description
A story rap about an impoverished family. Please reach out with any questions.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, East Coast Rap, Underground Rap
Mood(s): Anxious, Dark, Dramatic, Flowing, Sad
Style(s): Car Chase, Dramatic Soundtrack, Poverty, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$250.00
Extended License:$500.00


By Michael Lopez
Love gets cold when older
Summer’s almost over
Sarah got Lamaze class
And momma’s over her shoulder

Papa musta missed em
That baby was a misfit
All the nosy neighbors, they would
Listen in-on-the kitchen.

Winter was around the corner, coroner
Makin’ rounds like boredom
Figure I’d start to hoard up, make a road
Trip down to storedom,

When I walked in, “Hey Kid,”
I waved my hand like papa’s shorty,
And then I done took that bread
and made a mess like mama showed me

“Come back and pay-for-that-taxation
or I’ll give you an ear,” “no can do
I’m bringin this can a soup
to someone very dear

I arrive at nine oh five and
still this chick is right behind me,
I walk in the door, she follows behind,
we hear a baby crying,

My mother is tired, she open’s her eyes,
and gives a “Wow, good timing!”
I look at the clerk, she looks at her shirt,
and shuffles out in silence.


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