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Artist: lee
Artist's Description
Commericial, easy, political conscious

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Aggressive, Easy, Innocent, Joyous, Meditative
Style(s): Commercial
Language(s): NONE
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$75.00
BUY COPYRIGHT:$10,000.00


By lee
1 haters curse my strength to the mud 2 My diet is not right in my blood 3 My memory is a dud like I been revive from a flood 4 I not getting no sleep more 5 my reading went poor 6 The streets got me missing 4x4 7 My life in the ghetto is bored 8 excitement is a lawyer 9 Got hired by a blue collar employer 10 My season is not goyer 11 Its not a man alive who been through my disappoints at its Jive 12 Nothing feels good about richly property being deprived 13 I deserve to win the lottery ticket sky high 14 I deserve for females to smile and wave hi 15 with healthy blood flirtious to the sky 16 I deserve for my rights to be respected by constitutional outcries 17 I deserve boates rides like the navy 18 I deserve watches like Tom Brady 19 A new mercedes lab dance from the ladies 20 Almost left for dead and shady sort of like mr Lumpkin whose now left gravy 21 I can't conceive my hair not growing back wavy 22 You owe debt pay me 23 Independent cause splendid 24 leader recommended 25 No help from the government got me offended 26 Not on drugs because I resent it 27 No making moves with my business until its consented 28 haters caused my cars to be dented 29 move on with your little kids acts gone extensive 30 My thoughts stay pensive 31 People too sneaky around me I need spider senses 32 My house need electrical fences 33 God where is the love from the cupid 34 covid -19 playing us different 35 Switch up rules in math have students feeling stupid 36 No one getting past mathematics of a duplicate 37 Atoms are weird when and when it comes to cognitive literacy works I am revered 38 The ocean is to filthy to be clear 39 oil spills along with toxic waste everywhere 40 Gas emissions cause me to loose my hair 41 My life is typically something went wrong bibically 42 Bads overriding the good reciprocally 43 People is not always right visually 44 Set up acts be happening just to be gimmicky 45 People cause they selves being trickery 46 People watching as enemies 47 Don't want me to gain amenities 48 Then turn around and want me John F kenndy


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