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Because Of You

Artist: Free Indeed Music
Artist's Description
Suggested Rhythm/Tempo: 4/4 Time, 70 BPM

A song that acknowledges a defining moment when God makes it a point to demonstrate who He is, what His heart is towards people and how much He really loves them, and where He proves Himself to be the “constant” that you can always rely upon, in the darkest hour and in the most difficult times.

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, Pop, Christian Pop, General Christian
Mood(s): Anthemic, Forgiveness, Joyous, Optimistic, Thoughtful
Style(s): Ballad, Inspirational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$150.00
Extended License:$750.00

Because Of You

By Free Indeed Music
Verse 1:
Where would I be
If you didn’t come that day
If you hadn’t loved me in the way, You did?

Would I have seen
The future and the better way
The hopes, the dreams, the plans, just like, You said?
(Pre-Chorus 1)

Pre-Chorus 1:
Because of You, my life is not the same
And all I had to do was speak Your name (Verse 2)

Verse 2:
What would I have done
If You didn’t speak that night
If You hadn’t told me everything would, be alright?

Where would I have run
If I didn’t search for You
If I hadn’t prayed and said the words, I need You?
(Pre-Chorus 1 > Chorus)

Because of You
I rise, from the ashes
I soar, on eagles wings
I roar, like a lion
And I am seated, as a king

I know how to run, the race
I know how to take, my stand
I know how to fight the fight, of faith
And I know how to love, like The Lamb

Because of You, I am (Verse 3)

Verse 3:
What would I become
If You didn’t make a way for me
If You hadn’t opened up my blinded eyes, to see?

What could I have won
If I didn’t turn my eyes to You,
If I hadn’t set my heart and mind, to learn from You?
(Pre-Chorus 1 > Chorus > Bridge)

Who can separate,
From the love You gave?
Who can satisfy,
With a brand new life?

Who can make me dance,
With just one second chance?
Who can take my soul,
And make me whole, again? (Verse 4)

Verse 4:
Where would I be
If You didn’t come for me
If You hadn’t sent Your Son to give His, life for me?

Would I be free
If You didn’t fight for me
If Jesus hadn’t won my every, victory?
(Pre-Chorus 1 > Pre-Chorus 2)

Pre-Chorus 1:
Because of You, my life is not the same
And all I had to do was speak Your name

Pre-Chorus 2:
And in my life I’ve found no other name
That loves me in this way and sounds the same
(Chorus > End)


The phrase “I am” can be used to describe a person’s state of being from where they could have ended up in life, compared to where they are now, or it can be changed to the capitalized “I Am” and used as an acknowledgement to God for who He is.


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