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Artist: Gainde Empire
Artist's Description
My lyric comes from a place of agreement within my own self about my life and experiences.

Genre(s): R-n-B, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Calm, Easy, Relaxed
Style(s): Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00


By Gainde Empire
I found peace when the phone is no longer ringing, no friends around.
This peace I dreamed about when the money was flowing causing friends and family to hit me right and left showing love and care like no other.
Ain't life a thing?
I saw in the face of my own mother the meaning of disdain cause I wasn't the same person causing me to accept and willing to understand human nature with its obsession for diamonds and it's ok if I'm no longer shining.
Ain't life a thing?
My downfall gave me ways to see in heart and mind of people in a way my rise couldn't make it possible to finding out how easy it gets to be everybody's best friend when everything is on point as you wish.
Being on top of world, and all over the place cause it felt so good to be this high above the sky hanging out with stars, angels and devils.
This peace I feel now is so good I wouldn't trade it for the high life above ground I once enjoyed seeing things for what they really are.
Ain't life a thing?
Grateful for this experience allowing me to learn this most valuable lesson in life that it's a game we play and you can never be a good player if you haven't won and lost at the same time experiencing the reality of both sides.
And when you come to this place of peace no man can impress for you already know for having seen it and done it all and understanding everything that comes up must come down just like the sun everyday.
Ain't life a thing?


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