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That Old Moon

Artist: Jenna D
Artist's Description
This song was inspired by the princesses in fairytales, dreaming to escape their tower or current reality, finding both love and freedom.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Love Songs, Contemporary Folk, Acoustic Pop
Mood(s): Dreamy, Flowing, Innocent, Optimistic, Sweet
Style(s): Ballad, Broadway Musicals
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$75.00

That Old Moon

By Jenna D
I know the air outside my window
Is full of love
I know someone’s gonna set me free
It’s all I’m dreaming of

And when I step outside my door
I will meet the sun
No longer left behind,
Feeling like the only one

Someday I will reach the end
Of the rainbow I’ve been chasing
All this time I’ve played pretend
Dreaming of love but only facing

The moon, that trusty old moon and stars
I know he sees it too, so he must not be too far
That old moon, telling me nights not so long
Sometimes I think that he’s wrong
But then I dream that same old dream about the sun
And finally finding freedom

The freedom to live
In a world full of love
The freedom to breathe
In the air full of love
The freedom to sing
Songs I wrote about love
The freedom to run
Into the arms of my love

The stars in the night, and that trusty old moonlight
Telling me to wish I may, wish I might
Telling me to hold on for a little bit longer
I’m wishing that I had been born a bit stronger
I’d break down my door, and escape from this room
Run into the sunset, and fall off the edge of the moon
Then fall back to someone who loves me for me and my time spent inside
My time in the darkness where I used to hide


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