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Born Bad

Artist: Runaround
Artist's Description
This song was inspired by someone I knew in high school who, no matter what, always got busted for whatever it was to get in trouble for.

Genre(s): Country, Alternative Country, General Country
Mood(s): Dark, Determined, Heavy
Style(s): Action Adventure, Car Chase, Crime, Danger
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$150.00

Born Bad

By Runaround
I don't come from much, well maybe much less
Take one look at me and you won't have to guess
That I've been down the long road, no rest for miles
Where people wear snarls in place of their smiles

I've been told my whole life that I just don't fit in
You'd think being different was some kind of sin
I have tried my best and also my worst
The one leads to nothing and the other is cursed

When I was in school, my mom was so proud
Even though I was reckless, angry and loud
She thought I would matter, that people would see
The man deep inside that one day would be me

Things did not work out the way she had thought
I cared only for trouble and always got caught
The day finally came when my free time was through
I woke up one morning and everything was brand new

I've heard all my life that I just don't fit in
You'd think being different was some great bad sin
I have tried my best, and also my worst
At the end of the day, my luck is plain cursed

My new home is noisy and angry and tough
The mood's always ugly and the living is rough
But I will get out of here, see if I won't
I might have to die first, let's hope I don't


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