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Have to make do

Artist: Gez
Artist's Description
Jessie J & Lily Allen type of style & attitude!

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, New Age, Gangsta, General Rock
Mood(s): Bouncy, Bright, Energetic, Playful
Style(s): Alternative, Poverty, Sex
Language(s): English

have to make do

By Gez
I always longed for a guy with a pornstar sized penis,
and a beautifully toned body
just like the Greek goddess Venus! (Verse 1)
A house out in Cyprus, kissed by the sun,
shit loads of money my life would be fun.
A successful career or a rock n roll star,
and my black Mercedes SL convertible car.

No one said that life had to be fair,
but were bombarded with images
of success everywhere!
We forget what's important (Chorus)
and how to be human.
From the pressure in my head
I feel a meltdown is looming.

I follow celebrities lifestyles and I read Vanity Fair,
everyone's shining there's money everywhere.
They all look so skinny in their wedges & sarong, (Verse 2)
gorgeous tanned boobs clutching their Louis Vuitton.
If I could pass a credit check and get a credit card,
pay off my payday lenders
my life wont be as hard.

Come the weekend I get full of red wine.
Go out clubbing and have a good time.
Meet someone sexy and take them home for a screw,
I close my eyes and pretend that it's you. (Verse 3)
Then on Monday I go back to my shit job,
pissed off being skint and my boss is a knob.
My life can only get better as I daydream of you.
But in the meantime
I just have to make do!


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