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He will save you

Artist: Michelle Morris
Artist's Description
God is always there for us, no matter what happens. Take comfort in knowing His grace and mercy are there for you. Have faith and hope.

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, General Religious, Gospel, Soul, Film Soundtrack
Mood(s): Anthemic, Bright, Magical, Positive, Thoughtful
Style(s): Celebration, Humanity, Inspirational/Christian
Language(s): English
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Extended License:$150.00

He will save you

By Michelle Morris
When you're weary,
feel like you can't go on;
He will save you
from the storms...

Part the blue waters,
still the vast oceans;
There's nothing ever,
He can't do for us...

Across the deserts,
no comfort or water;
His word will give you
sustenance and calm...

When you think that
the stars on high,
Are still burning
every night...

When you see the
sun will rise,
And your lungs will
breathe free again...

Be reminded of His grace,
His mercy and love,
To bless you always,
in any circumstance...

© Michelle Morris, 2021


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