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Lonley highway

Artist: Evoke
Artist's Description
Stylist influances: lana del rey, mazzy star and dauther. song structure: intro verse chorus, verse, bridge, outro. language: english. genre: melanchonic, introspective, contemporary folkpop

Genre(s): Folk, Indie, Contemporary Folk, Acoustic Pop
Mood(s): Dark, Dreamy, Melancholic, Sad, Thoughtful
Style(s): Lullaby, Nature, Nostalgic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$100.00

Lonley highway

By Evoke
Verse 1:
I'm walking down a lonely highway underneath a sky of blue
The miles go on forever and the road stretches out in front of me.
verse 2:
There's no one by my side
No one to hold my hand
As i follow this winding road into the unknow, where will it lead me?
And as i wander on this lonely highway, With nothing but time to think.
I wonder if i'll ever find my way home...
verse 3:
The night grows darker, the stars shine brighter
but they offer no comfort to me
As i walk this lonely highway
with only the sound of my footsteps to keep me company.
And as i look back on all that i've lost
the love i once had, now gone away
i can't help but wonder where my lonely highway will take me...
As i walk on this lonely highway...


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