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Krypt Keeper

Artist: Ashley ORoark
Artist's Description
Meeting the Krypt Keeper

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Aggressive, Horror
Style(s): Danger, Death
Language(s): English
Extended License:$50.00

Krypt Keeper

By Ashley ORoark
I'm Finna pull up n start dumpin on these niggas
why they think Im cappin like I won't pull up with my trigga finger ready to pull the trigga
I keep my trigga finger ready lil mamas a straight killa
I'll knock ya ass off throw ya body in the wood chippa
this is real life it aint no showtime thrilla
fxxxin wit me your gonna meet the grim reaper
i paved my own way made the grass a whole lot greena
if the money look right i might let you get a feature
finna roll one up got that loud in my swisha
you know we smokin good we gone off that reefer
blowing big smoke I inhale a little deeper
you tryna jock my swag this aint follow the leader
you a succubus a real bottom feeder
you're next in line its time to feed the creature
you can call apon a preacher but he cant help you either
damn i never really pictured you to be a screamer
but when I heard that sound i knew you fxxxed around and took the route that led you to the krypt keeper

i heard the krypt keeper he's a late night creeper
he'll snatch ya soul up turn you into a believer
but it's a little too late he's not your redeemer
you might get lucky if you call apon a preacher
but you know how he rolls he rolls with the creature
he aint letting go bro now you can play follow the leader
you could have met with john paul or maybe even peter
but you fxxxed around and took the route that lead you to the krypt keeper


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