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Two Babes in the Backseat

Artist: Robert Cory
Artist's Description
Good ol' boy reminiscing about his past life.

Genre(s): Country, Contemporary Country
Mood(s): Lively, Pompous, Silly
Style(s): Heartbreak, Nostalgic
Language(s): English

Two Babes in the Backseat

By Robert Cory
Well …I got me two babes in the back seat. One on either side.
Don’t have a clue who they are. Nice meeting you too!
And there’s two more finger snappers in the front seat.
Who’s that driving my vintage convertible car? Hello?
Lord knows I ain’t no Prince flippin’ Charming.
But divorce sure has been mighty good to me.
Damn! I wish my dog could be here for this.
I know he’d like to be off his leash and get some petting too.
Hear me out before I lose my train-a thinkin’.

She and me met just like this a couple three years ago.
Freer than a No Trespassing tire hung on a hedge post.
We neither of us put polish on them little white lies.
She said c’mon down to this little Kansas town where there
ain’t nothing going on less yer mowing yer lawn or letting
a cat out of the bag. Where it rains too much if it rains at all.
Will that wind ever stop? Hello Patron State of Tornadoes!
We must’ve been real hard up for something to do ’cause
that silver lining faded like a chiropractic adjustment.

Look at me y’all. I got a four-day beard and no place to hide. So,
how about we just go for a ride? Like mama, daddy, and I used to do.
Top down; headlights on bright down narrow country roads.
Them cranked up oldies on the FM channel takin’ charge of my soul.
Now you’re talkin’. Like cashing in a paycheck.
Got the wind at my back. Nothing but dust in the rear-view mirror.
Hey Baby! I’m empty. Pass me back another cold one.
And pull over somewhere ’cause I got a take me a piss.
(Damn! I think all I got left are them things I might-a missed.)


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