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Black Country Road

Artist: Camouflage Sam
Artist's Description
Eclectic, situational, comedic writing is my specialTY

Genre(s): Country, Gospel and Religious, General Country, General Christian, Gospel
Mood(s): Forgiveness, Optimistic, Positive, Silly, Strange
Style(s): Comedy, Inspirational/Christian, Motivational, Poem
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$75.00

Black Country Road

By Camouflage Sam
Back in the day, my momma had a thing for a gambling guy named Kenny.
My folks, unusual, eclectic, musical playlist included so many
Temptations sing-along, Beatles, Prince, Tom Jones plus a fond memory of
Ole Jonny Lee, sang story, bout in the wrong places looking for love

Some fool with rules said “Black” aint meant for country.
Testify, no lie, I hear some bangin twang my soul gets the munchies.
A honky-tonk guitar, a fiddle then I’m down right hungry.
Hey fool with rules, not cool-cool-cool,
Your hate misstates when you say black aint meant for country.

Charlie Daniels regales with Devil’s Georgian tale and his subsequent losing fate.
Every time it plays, my firstborn volumes up until the knob almost breaks.
that fiddle kicks in, them Dred locks of his, stand up with respectful attention
arm /air violin sways as I turn to him and say, Son, did I happen to mention?
(flows back to chorus)

Is it a sin, Amen, due to the color of skin
To “kiss an Angel good morning” with Pride
Or “heel-toe dosey doe with some rednecks
Past city limits, near the county line.
What kinda world is this, where prejudice restricts
A person’s choice musically?
This song here’s a quarter callin folks who care
Cuzz we're in T-R-O-U-B-L-E
(a Travis Tritt “Hey” back to chorus)


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