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Artist: Kay Christian
Artist's Description
Felt this was another good song for fredo to consider and taste

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Cool, Determined, Icy, Positive
Style(s): Alternative, Inspirational, Peace
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00


By Kay Christian
Written 19/ 9 2023


Vindicated that’s the word
On the street
That Fredo never
Ever /repeats
Still jail house
Will have to see
The back of me
Because it stinks
Every time something
Reminds me

Matured anciently
Thinking of the future
And what it holds
For me
My mother my father
They mean the world to me
Not for getting
My little princess
Everyday she smiles back at me
Back at me {repeat 3 times}

So, let me begin
Still remembering I was a kid
Mother would say to me
Grow up
And be the best you can be
But life in the fast lane
Anit about
Dripping in money
But my rhinestones
Are spitting it
Out for me
Never quitting rapping
It was meant
To be
But termination
Comes into the back of the mind
Even though
I made it
From the streets
The Bro has reached
The top of the charts
Stared 13th position
No need for alarm
Getting popular
In the game
Ok by the minute
See the tables
Have turned
And business
Is taking over
Got to think of my little girl
She’s a diamond
A pearl in tthis world
And her future
And what it means to me
Feeling free
About this new album
Cant wait for it
To drop
So, I can
The stardom
Like a Icey rock
But the bro
Still wants to
Collaborate with one
Of the best freestylers
A offset rapper
Skepta another brother
Hold tight
To this forever


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