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Wishing Well

Artist: Kevin Hicks
Artist's Description
Simple, haunting imagery in a stream-of-conscience glimpse that would match well with a guitar or simple piano.

Genre(s): Country, Rock
Mood(s): Dreamy, Introspective
Style(s): Ballad, Dramatic Soundtrack
Language(s): English
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Wishing Well

By Kevin Hicks
i used to be mean
or was i just feeling lower
maybe i'm strange
maybe i'm just a little slower

give me a penny for my thoughts
i will throw it in your wishing well
stare into the empty, waters
there i'll waste away, i will waste away
i really can't be certain
as time goes on it's hard to tell
forgot to mention what i wanted
nothing left to say

you wanted my pride
but i just ran away
maybe i'm weak
maybe i'm just past dismay


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