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Artist: Barry H
Artist's Description
This Rhyming Story is how bad our President and Government is doing today.

Genre(s): Country, Rock, Alternative Country, Southern Rock
Mood(s): Angry, Bitter, Disturbing, Patriotic, Tension
Style(s): Action Adventure, Crime, Patriotic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100.00
Extended License:$200.00


By Barry H
Verse 1
I'm so tired of this bull crap
Of what's happening today.
Biden has turn our country into shambles
In his own screwed up Democratic way.

China and Russia use to be our allies
In World War Freaking Two.
Now we're ready to take it all back
From You "Trouble Making Fools".

Verse 2
You two have treated us unfairly
And the rest of the world to.
Now it's time to stop all of your bull crap
And a warning to other countries too.

It's time to save America
And turn this whole political thing around.
Put smiles on American faces again
Instead of everyone feeling so down.

Verse 3
We know what you all are planning against us
Well America is planning something to.
We have a lot of ichy triger fingers waiting
So Step Up You "Trouble Making Fools".

There ain't gonna be another pearl harbor
We're ready to deal with you.
America ain't ever gonna take a step backwards again
To You "Trouble Making Fools".

For years you've been real ass holes
And the rest of the world to.
Now it's time to stop all this freaking bull crap
And all of you other countries too.
We know what your planning againist
We also got big plans for you..
We're ready and willing to ablige you
You "Trouble Making Fools"

We're ready and willing to oblige you
You "Trouble Making Fools"



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