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No Existence

By Steve Poly
Holding me tight,so tight with no movement allowed...feeling like a criminal,feeling like an animal.Here I am,and i lay down on my bed struggling to find a way to escape . i feel no hate no love not even 1 known human feeling.Trapped inside this asylum, body and mind caged !!nurses come and go,giving me desgusting pills against my own will……spitting out thsese pills……feelling like a schyzo feeling like a wild beast ... BLOODchained like this!!!!.is there someone else living inside of me?AND I AM TORTURED LIKE THIS??CAN SOMEONE ANSWER Me????AND WHAT THE ASWER WILL BE!!!!!WILL I BE ABLE TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE ONCE AGAIN?WILL I EVER LIVE LIKE I USED TO LiVE?is THERE ANYONE OUT THERE???....FEELING THE SAME PAIN LIKE ME???OPENING THE GATES OF HELL AND HEAVEN EVERY DAY AND NIGHT...WATCHING DEMONS AND ANGELS FIGHTING TO CAPTURE MY NON EXISTING SOUL...MY NON EXISTING SOUL!!!NO EXISTeNCE FOR MY SOUL!!!NO EXISTeNCE FOR MY SOUL!!!NO EXISTeNCE FOR MY SOUL!!!!!....YOU CANNOT CAPTURE MY SOUL...YOU CANNOT ENSLAVE MY SOUL!!!NO-ONE WILL EVER CAPTURE MY SOUL ...NO -ONE WILL EVER ENSLAVE MY SOUL!!!!NO-ONE WILL EVER TORTURE MY SOUL!!!!my non existing soul!!! My non existing soul!!!thristy for blood demons, will come!!hearing from everywhere slaughtered souls screams!!Bloodcrying like a kid ..bloodscratching the walls like a lunatic!!!!! MY NON EXISTeNCE SOUL …IS LISTENNING THE DEMON’s CALL!!!YOU WILL NEVER CAPTURE MY SOUL!!! YOU WILL NEVER ENSLAVE MY NON-EXISTeNCing SOUL!!! MY NON EXISTeNCE SOUL ,,MY NON EXISTeNCE SOUL! I FIGHT ON MY OWN!!!!!!HOW CAN I ESCAPE FROM THIS ASYLUM!!TO BE FREE ONCE AGAIN,,,, TO LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT ANY PAIN!!!HOW CAN I ESCAPE FROM ALL THIS HATE!!!!my non excisting soul!!!!!my non-existing soul!!! I shall capture you all!!!!!my non fxxxing existing soul!!!I SHALL ENSLAVE YOU ALL!!! My non fxxxing existing soul!!!!!MY NON fxxxING EXCISTING SOUL!!!!!I SHALL RAPE YA ALL!!!! TREATING ME SO CRUEL , I’ll SEND You ALL IN A BLOODed FLAME CAGE!!! MY NON EXISTING soul is THE ONE ABOVE ALL!!! I shall enslave ya all!!!! Cause my soul is the one above all!!!!even LUCIFER I WILL DE-THRONE ,SO I CAN REIGN IN HELL ALONE!!!ON MY OWN!!!MY NON fxxxING EXISTING SOUL!!!MY NON-fxxxING EXISTING SOUL!!! GIVE ME THE fxxxING CROWN SO I CAN HUNT YOU all DOWN!!!SLAGHTERING EVERYONE I KNOW!!!!I SHALL WALK THROUGH YOUR BLOOD’S PATH ONCE MORE!!!! OBEY MY CALL SO YOU’LL be NEAR MY THRONE!!!!MY NON EXISTING SOUL!!!!MY NON –EXISTING SOUL !!!!!WILL BE FREE ONCE MORE!!!!YOU SHALL ALL BOW ,UNDER MY CROWN!!!MY NON-EXISTING SOUL!!!WILL BE FREE ONCE MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!No existence for my soul!!no existence for my soul!no existence!! No existence


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