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Artist: The Pilgrim Band
Artist's Description
A call from The Pilgrim Band ministry to evangelize the Nation. Appreciate the wordsmith talent. A song suitable for solo, band or group. You can use your own tune and develop instrumentation - I would love to see these lyrics launch a hit song for you.

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, General Christian, Gospel
Mood(s): Anxious, Dark, Dramatic, Patriotic, Tension
Style(s): Gospel, Inspirational/Christian, Motivational, Patriotic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$39.00
Extended License:$59.00


By The Pilgrim Band
As the sun goes down along the horizon
And the darkness creeps in again
Across the sky the storm clouds are advancing
To some day drop their bitter rain

The wind is blowing as every day is spent
But a very few regard it
Still less there are who from the King are sent
Who reach Heaven in their closet

Are there some who will run to warn the sinner man?
Before judgement and patience part
In the light, stand and fight darkness in our land
And preach Christ to every heart?

In danger are strangers and our next of kin
Let no one’s blood be on our hands
Let’s ask God to add Kiwi’s to the Bride in
Aoteroa, New Zealand

Walking alone under the somber night sky
I wonder if others look up
Have others heard the Macedonian cry?
Will others yield to drink Christ’s cup?

Eat or be eaten – death to the foe inside
Ere fear flies in and steals the seed
Fight or be beaten – we have no right to hide
When our people are in such need

As we sit and move our game pieces about
From out of shadows the foe strikes
In the real fight chocolate soldiers will melt
Let’s march in spiritual might!

Oh watchman, see the foe on the horizon
Arouse till every post is manned
Let’s praise God as He saves fellow Kiwi’s in
Aoteroa, New Zealand

Can you bear to see souls perish in their sin?
Come and join the Pilgrim Band!
See God add many Kiwi’s to the Bride in
Aoteroa, New Zealand



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