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Living Legends

Artist: Ghettofix
Artist's Description
A deep n heavy rap about humanity n a call for heroes to rise up n be counted in a time of struggle, Living Legends where are You?

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, Underground Rap
Mood(s): Confident, Determined, Epic, Patriotic, Positive
Style(s): Action Adventure, Humanity, Inspirational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$350.00
Extended License:$850.00
BUY COPYRIGHT:$25,000.00

Living Legends

By Ghettofix
Living Legends son, Living Legends!
That's what we need!
Rise Up People, Rise Up!
Living Legends son!

Living legend, stun wid great pillars I've errected,
Giving every second son n make thrillers live injected,
Survive infected, won da fate of killers I've corrected,
Spun gripping gun, weapon straight as guerilla's arrive detected!
Never disconnected, but late, will so miss directed,
Whenever witt's expected, shake wid skill, blow hits perfected,
Wid hurt neglected, sever n kill wid dirt collected,
Clever aswell n rest protected, create untill da best respected!

Street hustler, watch Me scuffle on beats wid passion,
Sheep rustler, stop wid muzzle all that sleep for fashion,
Feet shuffler, creep wid muscle, complete a unique assasin,
Keep relaxing, no bustle, compete n bring heat attraction!
Hood's a garrison n strives in struggle, bleak but keeps in traction,
Good samaritan, supply truffle treats wid elite abstraction,
Lab extractions wid mystique puzzle but discrete in fraction,
Stood in marathon n spat in caption to muddle for a sweet satisfaction!

Living Legends son, Living Legends!
Rise Up People!

Living Legends son!

For all hood dwellers n wood seller's rapping on da corners,
Looking like good fellas, as Ya stood stellar, trapping all informers,
Mapping all da borders, would elders pact for law n order?
Could feller's, who withstood cellars, now attack da lord of Mordor?
So bring tact as we never look back at all da mourners,
Sting wid impact, lever n extract till they're all reformers,
Close our quarters, ever expose as we enclose performers,
Fling n stack reporter's till they've froze n rose earth waters!

Leaders arise, group our forces forward, constantly mobile,
Lead us, pry n root sources dat explore conscience of da noble,
Respondent n local or on horses on shores of Constantinople,
Feed us wid vibes, loop courses all orders n conferences in vocal!
So make resistance, to shake da system all around da global,
Don't forsake persistence, take in wisdom, all You've found in total,
Takes a crowd of social wid vision to awake n astound a mogul,
Save existence, break from prison, wid proposal n sound of yodel!

Living Legends son!

Rise Up People, Rise Up!

Where are You? Where are You?

Living Legends son!


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