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Sex and drugs

Artist: Shh-ady
Artist's Description
Reality of an addict

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Rap
Mood(s): Dark
Style(s): Crime, Druggy
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$100.00

Sex and drugs

By Shh-ady
Crack heads smoking rock
Bitches be sucking cock
Hoping from dick to dick we call her the hood frog.
Now she’s about to croak, it ain’t a fxxxing joke all because little miss piggy wanted another toke.
should of been more like kermit the hermit, staying in doors but she on the floor pussys sore she’s had 10 men today but she can take more, open door . I just wish she inspired to be more
her life full of ups and downs see-saw
Eyes black, broken jaw.

This is the price they pay to escape their reality
it’s insanity where the fxxx was this girls family it’s a tragedy.
Unfortunately for girls sex sells
Even if there pussy smells
Look into her eyes and you’ll see two
Wishing wells, her wish was own a boat that could just set sail.
Now she has no where else to go
Walking the streets looking for another
Dick to blow, I know it’s Christmas girl but you don’t have to be a ho ho ho.

Just to think this is somebody’s
daughter a grown man sending her off to the slaughter
shed of been been better off if you chose to abort her.
But to them she’s just a money maker
If the price is right any man can take her just pass me the paper whilst you take her and rape her.

I wish I could be their saviour
But some can’t be taught or
unlearn bad behaviour.
So let’s start fresh from today
I’ll show you there’s another way
We will Keep the predators from their prey.
I’ll Set up a charity to give them some clarity.
To help them develop the skills to work a 9-5, it may just keep them alive
Change their surroundings
And watch them thrive
A way to survive

She has a daughter of twelve
Who has her hair in pig tails,
Told her parents of the abuse
But they just said she told tales
She can only dream of heaven
Because all she sees ishell

All because her mothers an addict
Who weren’t at all strict
So now Destined to get her cherry picked
By some perverted prick
This shit Makes me sick

We must break the cycle
We’re human and can’t be recycled.
Teach them what you wish you were taught growing up
Instead of just watching them fxxxing up

Set an example for the kids to see
The last thing I want
Is for my son to be me
I always wanted better for him
Even tho we’re all in a race We cannot win
But We can’t give up!
Inside the ring I’ll never throw in the towel
I’m an Insomniac call me a night owl
Up all night with my demons to fight,
Come the morning they take flight
The futures bright, but for some it’s always night, never seeing the light
No matter just how bright, heavens not far away it’s insight spread your wings and take flight.


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