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Artist: Tulip
Artist's Description
M- male vocal
F - female vocal
X - background vocal

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Pop, Love Songs, Pop Vocals
Mood(s): Anxious, Confident, Determined, Energetic, Tension
Style(s): Friendship, Heartbreak, Karaoke
Language(s): English
Standard License:$170.00
Extended License:$270.00


By Tulip
F| Know that
F| That you are everything to me
F| Mean more than even my dreams
F| But me?
M| Yea
M| She is sweet
M| A bit crazy and funny
M| I like her clothes
M| How she walks
M| Allways with headphones
M| And that smile
M| But
F| Yea
F| Know that
F| I am too complicated for you
F| Have too many objections
F| Don't want to feel your touch from the start
X| Why such similar people are still apart?
F| I am afraid
F| I can not trust you
F| I see your look
F| I am not special to you
M| Yea
M| I want to feel her body
M| Touch these lips
M| Feel warmth during the night
M| But man
M| I can't get what her mind hide
X| You are coward
X| Can't you give her a question
X| Do you want to be my future?
M| But man
M| It's not a true
M| I prefer simple things
M| Here are so many women
M| I will reach out to another
F| Yea
F| Is so easy for you
F| To leave me behind
F| Fine
F| Bye
F| Yea
F| We should say that at the start
F| Fine and bye
X| I'm so sorry


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