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Friendship decay

Artist: John orrick
Artist's Description
Man I've already done this three times one more try metal is my name I can write anything though just give me a shot we will pull together the lyrics you want I guarantee it

Genre(s): Rock, General Country, General Metal, General Pop, General Rock
Mood(s): Epic, Hard, Haunting, Romantic, Sad
Style(s): Comedy, Danger, Death, Repression
Language(s): English

Friendship decay

By John orrick
What do you mean I am diseased and rotting away in the process of decay still able to stand on my feet my mind is consumed by rotting flesh my ears always ringing trying to keep my composure now knowing I will fertilize the clover the taste and smell implanted in my head you know the smell of dead I'm at a loss here is the answer to my mystery it will be cancer rot doing the victory dance on me strong enough I have no chance such a bitter pill to swallow the ride is turning my hard hollow now just an echo of my former self so I am put upon a shelf so alone and in the cold dark I shiver everyone starts avoiding me now they can't stand to see what life has done I was expected to die by the gun not wasting away right in front of you wishing you never had met me so there would not be goodbye live by the sword that's the way it will go that's why I chose the gun but the sword and glancing blows torture to the very end and I wouldn't blame you my friend if you ran and never looked back again because hell is watching you watch me sorry this should have never been so please just forget me the source of the disease


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