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Mountain Beech

By Ian Morgan
Theres a place
lost way out west
where time stands still
and sands are blessed
I have been there many times
to this land of dreams
where nothing really matters
all reality wiped clean
through the darkest forests
and down majestic hills
I sense its hidden power
inside my soul instilled
so walk the secret pathway
its well within your reach
and see the golden carpet
that is the Mountain Beach


When daylight fades
there comes a breeze
the nightbirds fly
with endless ease
its always warm
on mountain beech
our own nirvana
within reach

Waves caress the shoreline
the sea shines diamond blue
the horizon is infinity
a gift from me to you
the hours may pass us by
the shadows they may change
but in this place of magic
the seasons stay the same
the sun sets so slowly
high clouds glow vivid peach
feel eternal summer
here on mountain beach

repeat chorus


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