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Shaniqua on a Friday night

Artist's Description
Free style rapping, unfiltered and raw.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Bouncy, Flowing, Hard, Playful
Style(s): Comedy
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00

Shaniqua on a Friday night

Iv changed my name on Friday nights to nothing other than shaniqua
Bitch has braids, she’s cool as fxxx & only busts out with a sneaker
Slaying left, but coming right – she got skills to pay the bills
Grab one gansta on the way home before he runs for the hills

On Friday night you are allowed to act like anyone that you’re not
Battered and bruised, classy as fxxx, giving it all that you’ve got
Throw name, play the game but never kiss and tell
fxxx with me, you’ll be sure to see, I’ll put you under my spell

Shaniqua knows no limits on a Friday, it’s go big or go home
No games to be played or merely delayed, ain’t nobody going home alone
Living in the hood, life be pretty good, thugging hard in the ghetto
Rolling on the streets, hair be rather sleek, merging together like leggo

Bling round the neck, smoking on the deck – bitches be bumping and grinding
Long ass nails, going off the rails, smoking all the crack that you’re finding
On a Friday night when Shaniqua ‘s out of site, you know shit’s about to get real
She’s got one gold tooth, snapping pictures in the booth, hunting down her next hood meal

Shaniqua runs the show, she’s always on the go, being the natural playa that she is
Haters gonna hate, aint no drama to debate, bitch got braids with fxxx all frizz
Fridays have no rules, we’re all a bunch of mules acting cool in front of our friends
Times be rather tough when you’re strutting all this stuff, keeping up with the trends

Busting out with swag while finding reasons to brag, bitch be styling all the way
All stars on the feet, getting low to the beat, hips coming with a hefty sway
Shaniqua’s in the house, giving eyes to your spouse, hurry and grab your leash
Homies got her back, aint no one cutting slack, pimping be her very niche

Friday night is the one and only night that Shaniqua is in full force
When you’re feeling bored & a smidgen ignored, hit up my linked with an “endorse”
Gangster bitch, finding herself in a stitch, running out of time to be thug
Ego’s lifted, reality’s shifted, rest in the whole that you dug

Shaniqua Shaniqua with your dope fxxxing sneaker - Friday is your only survival
The rest of the week, you’re too busy sucking deek on the street corner of your arrival
You made Friday your G, rolling with my nigga Jay Z, with a spring in your step just for fun
Shaniqua my friend, Friday has come to an end, your days here sista are done!


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