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The Con-Artist

Artist: The Forever Fox© - Chelene
Artist's Description
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Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap, General Rap, Musicals/Broadway
Mood(s): Bitter, Disturbing, Fun, Hate, Playful
Style(s): Broadway Musicals, Crime, Heartbreak
Language(s): English
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The Con-Artist

By The Forever Fox© - Chelene
Verse 1:
He plays on your deepest desires
He promises to dazzle and inspire
Sells you his princely illusions
With hypnotizing delusions
Comes to steal your dreams
While slyly tearing your pocket at the seams

A conman
A front
A vacuous c**t

A thief
A nit
A narcissistic s**t

A cheat
A fraud
A panty dropping w**re

A liar
A guck
A empty rotten f**k

A deviant
A hick
A selfish lonely p**ck

Verse 2:
The con-artist sells a box of pain
Concealed behind a new reality
That appeals to our insatiable vanity
Until a spill of fate reveals their disguise
But when you realize
It’s always too late and they have already taken their away their prize.
A heartbreaking price to pay, that sets you back in time

© 2021 Lyrics by: The forever fox - Chelene


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