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Sugar In my coffee cup

Artist: Originals
Artist's Description
Seeing is believing, release the anger, live in the now. Written to remind ourselves to let go.

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Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Alternative Country, General Pop, Soft Rock
Mood(s): Confident, Determined, Easy, Hard, Simple
Style(s): Alternative, Confusion, Desire, Story
Language(s): English
Sugar In my coffee cupStandard License:$45.00
Extended License:$55.00

Sugar In my coffee cup

By Originals
Sometimes the first thing I do is put sugar in my coffee cup, slide onto the kitchen stool, take a look at the sky see if rain is coming on...push my feet into my shoes so red, mascara on, than lipstick too...

I try to take a new route and skip past your house, cause all it does is remind me of where I used to spend my time with you, how you opened your door and invited me to be a part of you, your glow and your beauty that is you...

Turn the car down the narrow street far past your door, holding a breathe driving to you, I go back and see you with the girl next door, tears drip from eye to floor, stomp !!! the gas pedal, I say no more...

Where am I in my silly head, Goddamn !! I can't drive anymore, take my feet from the pedals, think how alone I am...sunlight comes from the clouds, the radio blares loud that song that always plays, "I love you, your ok" !

My heart starts to beat again with who I am, back in control the car goes slow, windows down and I roll along, strengthened again within my soul, tears dry on the floor, I won't hold him anymore anywhere inside, I'm to important as me to cry over him...

This is my day, I let the joy of being free to choose for me, take me far down any road where you won't ever be, flowing smooth roof down, calm, collected, my life is better without you ever, tomorrow the first thing I do is not fret over you, while pouring sugar in my coffee cup.


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