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Summer’s Over

Artist: Mountain Lyrics
Artist's Description
Lost Love and missed opportunities

Genre(s): Country, Folk, Traditional Country, Contemporary Folk
Mood(s): Melancholic, Romantic, Sad
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$90.00
Extended License:$350.00

Summer’s Over

By Mountain Lyrics
Summer’s Over

Summer’s over, it’s at an end
The love of my life that burned so bright
Has flickered out and rounded the Bend
No letters, no cards, no smiles so white
No more I love you’s will be uttered tonight
No walks on the beach, feet in the sand
No warm Summer nights Hand in Hand

Only emptiness follows as I repair my heart
Since you decided to honor “Till death do you part”
The love of my life was already taken
Fate so cruel … so forsaken
The chance encounters took their toll
To see you there, not able to hold
Bound by respect of an honored tradition
denied to deliver the focus of my affection
Unable to fight for the love that I want
I had to stand there as the memories haunt

Life continued and the decades rolled by
The longing lessened but never forgotten
They all came flooding back as I woke one day
The memories and all the words that were spoken
My emotions handicapped, I felt so broken
Not understanding why, this all had to happen
Many years later my love flowed like a fountain
The fact of the matter is that I love you still
I’ve never moved on … perhaps never will


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