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Artist: Iris
Artist's Description
Inspirational song for whoever feels like they've accomplished nothing, or feel hopeless.

Genre(s): Pop, General Easy Listening, Mood Music, General Pop
Mood(s): Calm, Optimistic, Positive
Style(s): Future
Language(s): English
Standard License:$20.00
Extended License:$60.00


By Iris

Looking for something
That’s so painfully out of reach
Longing for places
Where you’ll never set one foot
Searching for someone who could help you
But no friendly faces show down here
Not even somewhere to hide, you are slowly, slowly dying inside


You chase after dreams that you are not supposed to dream
Waiting for lights that won't shine on your way, never
Seeing hopes that day by day grow bigger, and that you are not meant to fulfill
The sadness finds you again, and your heart starts to bleed


But who was that one who told you you had to give up the fight?
You are the only one to have the right to decide your path!
You want to keep up those crazy dreams
you want to protect them with all it needs
this life is only yours and you will drive it to the place you want


And finally you'll catch the dreams that you've been running after
New hopes will sprout and grow into some amazing tree
Hopefully sadness will go away, your wounds will heal and you will feel
The heartache fading away, 'cause you dared to believe


One day they'll come true
Those dreams of yours
You don't need to cry
It's gonna be alright
You'll find a way for sure

Never try to change yourself for the world, change the world for you!

Never give up your fights, keep fighting all your wars,
nothing’s lost, your time will surely come


One day you'll look into the mirror and you'll say "I made it!"
Those who never believed in you will come and then,
asking you for forgiveness, they'll praise you, saying the most beautiful things
But you, don't lose your mind, always think of your past


How much have you fought? (oh yes you have)
what did you lose? (you surely lost something)
the tears that you shed (oh tons of tears)
but you're finally here! (Is this that dream of yours?)
You think you're happy now?

Well, if you are, hold tight to whatever you have gained.
If you are not, just keep pushing 'till you'll be.


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