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Bewitching Hour

Artist: Scarlet Letters
Artist's Description
Rise of the Ancient Goddess

Genre(s): Rock, Soundtrack, Classic Rock
Mood(s): Dramatic, Haunting, Hypnotic
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack, Mystery, Psychedelic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$2,500.00
Extended License:$5,000.00

Bewitching Hour

By Scarlet Letters
She's one dark eerie mystery of some
Flames flicker from her fingertips
They say she's a strange quiet one
The mystery is she's an ancient witch

Scrying for their secrets to unfold
A deep dive into the misty water
Stories unveil and truths be told
The seer speaking to a distant caller

Bare feet on sweet dirt of the earth
The powers rising up all around
It's ushering in the awaited birth
Of the goddess spirit echoing sound

Her voice thundering through the sky
The air beckons to her every word
She releases all the binds that tie
All enchantments been fiercely heard

Realms of unseen are her domain
She revels in her mystical power
Nothing never ever remains the same
In the season of the bewitching hour


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