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If I fall apart...

Artist: Tulip
Artist's Description
This is my first lyric written in English

Genre(s): Pop, Love Songs, Mood Music
Mood(s): Melancholic, Sad
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$170.00
Extended License:$270.00

If I fall apart...

By Tulip
I even couldn't call out your name.
I was nobody.
Without you, I feel like a stranger.
Thanks to you I became familiar
And after that, I feel like an existing.
You started to be a part of my daily routine.
I was brushing my teeth, always thinking of you.
I was tying my coca, counting on your compliment.
Because of your presence in my life, I behave like an angel.

Broken. Melancholy. Shabby. Miserable. Lamentable.
Sad without any apologies.

I wanted to talk to you to be someone different.
That girl who has the courage to change her own life.
I realize these unliking feelings to lose them.
You were the second part of me.
Now I am incomplete.

Broken in a million white tulips.
Every day starts with a melancholy, shabby attitude.
Miserable. Lamentable. Sad without any apologies.

I am sadfull, I can't see you anymore.
You are my recollection.
I've done nothing for you, I was protecting myself.
This queer part of me.
'Thank you ' these words remain in my heart.
But a lot went the way I wanted,
So why I am lonely?
Now I don't know what happiness is.

You can see me. Full of miserable memories. Lamentable after every talk. Sad without any apologies.

Who I am?
I don't wanna be somebody's girlfriend
I wanna be me
Strong enough to handle my world
Loneliness is hard sometimes
What should I do?
Without you
I am sad without any apologies.


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