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Artist: Tulip
Artist's Description
I prefer to leave it empty.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Pop, Mood Music, Pop Vocals
Mood(s): Confident, Cool, Hard, Proud
Style(s): Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$170.00
Extended License:$270.00


By Tulip
I won't let you touch my hope.
Full of confidence that my plan going to end successfully,
Your words couldn't reach my ears.

'Let it go'
'Listen to me'
'Be my patient baby'
You can wish.

I won't let you touch my cheek.
Training every day, to show you
'I am more than a cute girl '
Turned my head against yours,
Even my muscles tightened losing with amusement that controlled me.

'Spend Sunday with me'
'Let's watch some TV '
'Be my beautiful rose'
You can wish.

I won't let you hold me too strong.
Thinking of you continuously, to get resist of your will.

'I'm deeper than your thoughts can reach'
'My bedtime stories can for sure make you lull'
'I suppose that softness of my body drift in your mind'

It's you who wish
Sex sex
With fairy tale in the background.

I truly hate to know that.
You you
Just wish to possess my body.
Just sex sex in the first place.

You can wish.

I'm stress-free. / Taking care of my future.
Strong enough to be alone.
This feeling like zero around you can not break me.


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