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Malicious Bitches (User's Fate)

By Ghettofix
Cheap using girls are so very easily swayed,
Giving out their numer with their evil plans to betray,
Unhappy with love n would much rather leave Ya played,
Why are such low, selfish people still here alive today?

Give them Ya heart, Ya soul, Ya passion n Ya all,
Spend a year fighting for freedom only to hit another wall,
They're easily bored, impatient, plenty of fish n life's a ball,
Build Ya up to a king jus so they can laugh as they watch Ya fall!

Why is life so tight n most people refuse their sharing?
It makes me cry n staring, that people can take without any caring,
My compassion is tearing n truth always stands out in the clearing,
It's nearing end times so everyone's so tight coz they so fearing!

Broken promises, forgotten contracts, all that's left is selfish hate,
My life is so important so let me through to eat from my plate,
You have nothing left to offer so they treat Ya worse then a worst mate,
Genourous, warm, loving, righteous people left for dead in the name of fate!

Take, take take, playing games as they're always get well looked after,
A year of warmth, cuddles, cooked meals, real love n proper laughter,
Then when plans to share their home n garden turn into a rotten disaster,
It's only the lowest, laziest most selfish, forgotten to be a love grafter!

They're spoilt so always expect n demand the most easiest life,
Even when things are going smoothly, they're the only ones leaving causing strife,
Hugs turn to far attractions, then actions slice windpipe like a knife,
I tried to fight for my wife but now cry as I found that we're nothing alike!

My soul n heart are empty with only hate n suffering left inside,
Only hell left being alive, long to die n plot my overdue demise,
With the insight that there's no invite n my lover is loving her new excite,
So all Ya sacrificed, didn't suffice, planning to die as she cums, moans n sighs!
How can people be so ruthless, mean n cruel jus for cheap sexual pleasure?
Mock n laugh at Ya failures n lack of ability to be fit to measure,
They would rather a life of leisure then battle thru life's stormy weather,
Sever ties with lies n rise as I'm left despised at the end of my tether!

Shamefull acts of treason jus for pleasing their was only ever 1 reason,
Jus here for the teasing, till her longings are needing, more meat for the feeding,
My eyes are bleeding, life has no meaning n there's only winter no mo season,
With truth n love n feeling, sometimes there's still no succeeding,
Low n kneeling as they're soul thieving as Ya watch them leaving!

Joyous dreams for a life of happiness in future turn to fit's of total sickness,
Was I really that lame that Ya game was to leave me for some extra dick thickness?
Sounds ridiculous but that's the true mind of minx's n trixters,
I want to cut my wrists with no stitches rather then think about malicious bitches!


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