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Lovely Lady

Artist: Terra Cat
Artist's Description
:Poetry can go any direction

Genre(s): Folk, General Pop, Folk Rock
Mood(s): Introspective
Style(s): Nostalgic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$100.00

Lovely Lady

By Terra Cat
Lovely Lady

Shiny lady
Lucky lady
Let them see you
Being bright

Get out of your head, don't be blue
You're red, crimson red
You may have spots, but it makes you, you.

Not just put here, it’s from above
It’s second nature how much you love
Not just pretty in red rouge
You're not basic, don’t dilute

It’s purpose on purpose
We’re different and the same
Some look delicate, and have power too
Eating all the aphids, that's what they do

Let them see beauty, and strength too
Your heart is pure, and you are true
Your shell is armor and wings are there
Make sure you show them how much you care

You bring something, they seem to know
It’s almost time for you to go
Unsure before you fly away
Maybe you’ll be back some day

If the garden returns.


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