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This thing of ours

Artist: AB
Artist's Description
Romantic, desire, descriptive of a beautiful woman with a strong sexy and compelling aura. Nice to rap and rhyme on, sing on. An acoustic version would make the lyrics beautiful too.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Acoustic Pop, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Calm, Romantic, Soft, Sweet
Style(s): Autumn, Sex, Soap Opera, Summer
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$30.00

This thing of ours

This thing of ours
It could have been a box of flowers
But we pop bottles at a night club
You are not the fragile type, how could they even ask
Tell'em what it is

Verse (1)
Telling our story our story like a puzzle, where do I start?
It's all vivid even through the smoke, pass me the blunt when I'm stuck
If it weren't for my aphony, I would have this on the mic
You were the sexy skirt, by the side of the bar
I was fresh out of lines, so I pretended to puff
Did I try it in my mind, girl you bet I did just
A couple minutes was up, I knew you were down
How did I do that, call it lucky charm
They ask was it really the case?
I got my pen down under oath I couldn't be making it up

Verse (2)
Then we set off on a relation-ship, so I lifted the anchor
I had to learn you like a book
Now you wanna know how I bagged you?
It's all fair in love and war, don't be counting casualties
On that same note, you can wait for the bulletin
I'm here to talk about you, never mind my ordnance
You remember that slow dance at karaoke
I had cold feet like a snow dance
But I was ready for you like the whole gang
I know these lines are coming out like a fusillade
These guys can relax, I got the truth to tell
The thing I have with you is like contraband
Only a few I could tell, until it was real

Verse (3)
The soft heart like a drum that beats slow for you
I changed like a wild on a full moon
A decision that made me think I was a fool too
Let's switch it up, that was the life before you
Don't prepare your good heart for this cruel dude
It was a gamble for both of us but i had nothing to lose
Hit it quick then all blows like a done fuse
Then a new thing,I'm a troubled kid
Drink it all, smash it all and then again
And back again with the same ish
In the same sheets, with a pointless ish
That's old ish, different days


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